Our work

We can create any style of surround – both indoor and outdoor.

In the design process each surround is dimensionally and aesthetically proportioned to fit your choice of fire and room decor.

The following samples of our work are all individually hand crafted bespoke pieces showing some of the styles we create.

Following the latest trends in LED lighting we design and manufacture leading edge lighting effects.

From wall washes to flush mounted fittings, immersed ceiling lighting and expressed ceiling features we have you lit.

Design specific Plaster-in for a completely seamless integrated look.

WLED1 - 58x52mm

WLED1 – 58x52mm (Double/Single Strip)

WLED2 - 85x65mm

WLED2 – 85x65mm (Double/Single Strip)

LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting (Double/Single Strip)

WLED25 – 25x23mm (Single Strip)


Classical reproductions and contemporary styles.

Fully custom made to suit your spatial requirements.

Faithful to the architects pen we can create anything

A selection of cornice and ceiling roses are available. Classical – Art Deco – Modern.

We specialise in recreating plaster mouldings to match your existing cornice allowing for alteration or repair.

Alternatively we can create a fresh new design.